The Motion Picture Motors Club (MPMC) was created for classic car enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles by displaying photographs and factsheets on their own personal webpage within the website.

By becoming a member you would be entitled to display up to 7 photographs of your vehicle, for example, in stages of restoration or fully restored. You will also have the opportunity to post a write-up (up to 200 words) and at our discretion add a link to your business website and/or your e-mail address.
Membership of the club is not exclusive to those owning film cars, (actual or replica) anyone with an interesting or unusual vehicle is welcome. There are no age restrictions on vehicles of particular interest, although the site is predominately for showcasing classic vehicles.

It is anticipated that the website will become very popular with all classic car owners and anyone wishing to invite club members to venues or use member’s vehicles for advertising or film work.

Members wishing to offer their vehicles for charity work, film or television appearances and/or hire and reward may use the website to showcase their vehicles but any transactions would be by private arrangement.

Club members will also be able to interact with each other to obtain or offer advice, chat or arrange your own meetings etc. Members would also be able to advertise vehicles, spares, number-plates and related paraphernalia free of charge on the strict understanding that ‘The Club’ will not be held responsible or liable for any losses however caused to either party.

Members will also benefit from ‘genuine’ offers and discounted products from sponsors and advertisers and their membership status will entitle them to insurance premium discounts from participating companies.
Costs: Annual membership will be £15, this will cover the cost of setting up your own personal webpage, annual maintenance and hosting.

Advertisers will also have the same opportunity of displaying pictures and a factsheet about their vehicles, which may also include a link to their business. Alternatively, £50 per year will purchase a whole webpage specifically dedicated to an advertiser’s business and may include their own advertisement, recommendations from satisfied customers, business contact details and a link to their business website.

All club members will be directed to any advertiser offering discounts under the heading Discounts and Deals.

The club is non-profit making, membership fees and revenue from advertising would be used to pay for web space and running costs.